Concert/Recital Supertitles

Improve your audience’s enjoyment and comprehension through projected translation supertitles. For no a no-hassle process, In Medias Arts will create all of the supertitles, provide all equipment, and setup, and run the projections for the recital. All we need from you are date, time, and paper/digital copies of your music and we take care of the rest!

Concert/Recital Program Formatting and Notes

Learning the music for a recital is hard enough, let us take care of creating and formatting your program! Properly cited and formatted programs are required by all universities and enhance your audience’s overall experience. We can follow all necessary guidelines required by your institution or use our own templates to ensure the highest quality programs to meet the needs of your specific event. If necessary, we can also perform research to add notes and annotations to your program for an added layer of context for your audience!

Customized Visual Projections

For a heightened experience, we can create an entire concert of custom visual and video projections to accompany your music. Draw your audience into the moment with a multi-sensory concert experience with visuals that will draw your listeners in and give them a fully immersive experience. Supertitles are incorporated into our custom visual projections for a complete package!


  • Supertitles Only: $100
  • Program Creation & Formatting
    • $50 without program notes
    • $100 with program notes
  • Complete Recital Package: $175
    • Includes supertitles and program creation with notes. A savings of $25!
  • Custom Visual Projections: $500
    • Programs not included

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