Cast & Crew

Christi McLain

Jerron Jorgensen

Director & Media Design
Kristy Chambrelli

Media Design & Original Scoring
Jarrod Ratcliffe

Voice of Sara's Mom
Sue McLain

Voice of Sara's BFF
Nicolàs Rogelio Hewgley

Misty @AppleMistini
Ryanne Hammerl

Musical Selections:

  • “Estrellita” by Manuel Ponce
  • “Lejos de ti” by Manuel Ponce
  • “Lippen schweigen” from Die lustige Witwe by Franz Lehár
  • “Portrait” by Cécile Chaminade
  • “Je te veux” by Erik Satie

Musical Arrangements:
Jarrod Ratcliffe and Jerron Jorgensen

@DatingSara Social Media & Blog Curator
Christi McLain

Special Thanks To:

FringePVD and Kate Kataja, The Wilbury Theatre Group and Kim Beggs, First Congregational Church of Granby, and Sue McLaughlin!

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